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Energy Saving HVAC Products & Services in Monmouth and Ocean County

Helpful Tips on Saving Energy

  • If Your Furnace Is Over 18 Years Old Convert To A New High-Efficiency Furnace And Up To 40% On Your Gas Bill
  • Make Sure To Change Your Filters When They Are Dirty. Clogged Filter Can Damage Your Furnace And Make Sure There Are A Least 9 Inches Of Insulation In Your Attic.
  • This Will Reduce Both Your Heating And Air Conditioning Bill.
  • Make Sure Your Attic Is Well Ventilated. This Also Saves Energy
  • Install A Programmable Thermostat.
  • Check The Refrigerant Levels In Your AC Unit. An Improper Charge Uses More Energy
  • If Your AC Unit Is Over 18 Years Old, Installing A New High-Efficiency Unit Can Save Up To 40% On Your Electric Bill
  • Change Your Supply Registers. Often They Are Painted Over And Air Flow Has Been Reduced. Older Registers Have Baffles Which Also Reduces Air Flow
  • Make Sure All Supplies And Returns Are Not Blocked By Furniture. This Can Greatly Reduce Performance
  • Set Your Air Conditioner To 80 Degrees When You Are Not Home. This Will Remove The Humidity And Use Less Energy. Turning The Unit Off And Then Trying To Cool
  • Off A 90 Degree House Is Very Inefficient

Just a few simple helpful tips on how to save on your energy bill. For many more helpful tips on how to cut the cost of your energy bill call 800-774-4433 or contact us today.

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